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1st American

Director : tba

Writer: Robbie Moffat

Producers: Uncommon Dialogue Films / Palm Tree Universal

Starring: to be announced


In the winter of 1541AD, Naloo a Navajo mercenary is returning home to his Zuni wife, Pavati, who lives with his dead wife’s tribe of Utes. Weighed down by his travel bags full of the spoils from fighting in the Aztec wars, he rescues a Hopi girl, Doli from her Spanish captors and makes her his slave girl to carry his valuables homeward. Meanwhile Spanish raiders capture Pavati, and in a confrontation with Naloo, the Spanish dullard Arturo kills Pavati, thus destroying any hopes of peace making. The Spaniards flee taking Doli with them.

After burying his wife, Naloo pursues the Spaniards. Meanwhile Diego, the leader of the Spanish band realises they are lost when they encounter the Anzasi, who are the native bandits of the high sierras. The Spaniards elude them, but Naloo makes a bargain with the unruly Anzasi, paying them to help him find the Spaniards. As Naloo continues to hunt them down, fearful of having to spend the winter in a hostile land, the Spaniards begin to panic and fight among themselves.