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Bone Hunter

Director Robbie Moffat

Writer Robbie Moffat


James Watson, Lynsey Baxter, Oliver Cotton and Joanna Kate Rodgers


AD 575 – a shipwrecked band of Romans are escorting the reluctant widow called Hennini to her destination beyond Hadrian’s Wall, where she must marry the mercenary chieftan Cathen. While crossing the Wall the Roman’s are attacked by a roving ban of Angle soldiers and Hennini is abducted.

Meanwhile Fingal has fallen on hard times. He is so poor that he can’t even afford oxen to pull his plough, so when he finds Hennini’s husband-to-be offering him money to search for the abducted bride, Fingal accepts the challenge.

While searching the countryside Fingal and Cahten’s man Domal come upon the shipwrecked Greek monk Regulus (Oliver Cotton). He is searching for Hennini because she has in her keeping the bones of St Andrew, the first Apostle of Christ.

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