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Dark Side of Heaven


Director Robbie Moffat

Writer Robbie Moffat


Suzanne Harbison, Rachel Rath, Paul Cassidy and Tony Streeter


A four person crew are sent to bring back a mothballed ship parked at the back of Pluto. Arriving on the ship the astronauts soon discover that the ship is no ordinary cruiser but that it contains layers of levels and unusual leisure facilities.

Their journey to the bridge leads them to a swimming pool, a church and cocktail bar. They are also unnerved by the religious symbolism of the ship- on entry they were greeted with the sign God Be With You as though the ship had some other purpose. As the four meander around the ship the crew member Caroli  (Paul Cassidy) accidentally pushes a button which begins the ships engines. The Captain, Sceptra  (Susanne Harbison) feels obliged to work out where the ship is destined. Before long the only scientist on the crew, Kraz  ( Rachel Rath) works out that the ship is destined to discover the ends of the Universe. All four of the crew are shocked by the realisation that they are marooned and part of an experiment. Trapped on the ship with out a purpose other than to wait out their lives, and live with the knowledge that  their life span is  not long enough for the journey, the crew become more hedonist and despondent. The most optimist crew member Wasat , (Tony Streeter) becomes the focus of sexual jealousy when Caroli can not accept that Kraz is to have Wasat’s child. Carol’s jealousy eats away at him until it drives him to alcoholism and finally murder. Sceptra takes action against Caroli who she imprisons in the Brig, but she is powerless to overcome the turning tide of time and her own morality.  She faces the realisation that Kraz’s child will be left all alone when the others die. She is also aware that her companions the crazy robots (Jon Paul Gates) will continue to service the ship while her own salvation is unresolved when she makes a Stanley Kubrick 2001 style journey to the end of the Universe.   

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