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Nudes in Tartan

Nudes in Tartan Cover.jpg

Director Robbie Moffat

Writer Robbie Moffat


Suzanne Kendall, Lily Brown and Louise Hawthorne, Stephen McLeod, Hayden Holden, Robert Feldman


Katrina, Lorna and Carmen and six months behind on their rent. The landlord Kaybal offers her six months rent free in exchange for sex, but she turns him down.

Katrina meets Ross the puppeteer. Hamilton, the married art dealer, is underselling Lorna's nude paintings of her flatmates at his wife's gallery, he promises Lorna to arrange an exhibition of her work. Carmen, being followed by Victor, a Russian looking for a wife.

They take a weekend break at Ross's caravan in Whitstable where they learn that Ross is dying, and that Hamilton is still seeing his wife. They quickly come to the conclusion that the boyfriends are parasites, and that have to dump them .

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