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To date I have had the fortune to produce almost thirty feature films and the privilege to have had directed two dozen of them. I like making films - they are a summation of all my poetry, plays and novels into a single art form.

Are my films any good? I think so, but I am going to be biased. A lot of work goes into a feature - the actors and the crew generally work themselves into the ground. Its a collective endeavour and I think I like the collaborative  nature of the film business most of all.

Frustrating? Sometimes ... Infuriating? Very often ... but there is something about film making that is a kind of magic ... A make belief world in which we get to live in a bubble floating  high over the everyday troubles that can make us unhappy.  It is the escape that I like, the decadence, the absurd happenings, and the unbelievable range of emotions you get put through during the making process.

Would I trade it to go back to the solitary world of novel writing? Maybe ... but only if I tire of being around bright creative artists and the glamour they  create.