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Anyone can make a story. I could make a story about you reading this and you could make up a story about how you have read this and that you could do much better than me.

That’s what it is all about - telling stories from your own point of view because no one ever views the world the same way. I sometimes wonder if my point of view is in step with everyone else out there. It seems the jury is out, and maybe there never will be a final verdict.

I guess what makes me want to write stories and get them made is the fact that it is the only way I can move on in life. As long as the story is in my head I am not free to think about other things. It’s a sort of cheap therapy, if I was in an employee with no time for personal expression, I would be seeing a shrink, or bursting up furniture in the boss’s office. So there we have it, I write / make stories because I have the time which in turn keeps me from being in a permanent state of madness. I suppose you could call me psychochronic - I’m kept sane by being kept busy telling stories.

Making Stories