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Why I spent the best part of my twenties and early thirties writing novels and novellas that no-one seemed to want is still a mystery to me. I think some of them are okay - I like the one about the two punk rockers in South America living off lost travellers cheques, and the one I wrote about the sixth century saint  Mungo, the Last of the Votadini. I also have a fondness for the four books that make up The Loving series.

Whether I will ever go back to novel writing, I don’t know, maybe some day when life is quieter and the world isn’t always rushing on. Prose writing is very time consuming, it requires a lot of research and checking of facts when the setting is historical.

Anyway, I have caught up with some of these older works and finally got them published and made available. There are a few more still under the bed and I am working through them. They are far from being perfect, but perhaps there may be something in each of them that merits making them available too.