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Between 1974 and 1998, I wrote around seven hundred pieces of poetry of varying length, style and subject matter. My earliest works were mainly travel or nature poems. In the 1980’s I began to put themes to the collections and by the end of the decade had produced my most complex poem - the four thousand lined Universal Being. I gave up poetry writing in 1994 and put my energies into screenplays.

In 2014 I started writing poetry again. My voice was older, more centred on that I am thinking rather than what I am doing. In January 2019 I published  Rage Against The Light, Collected Poems 1974-2018. Its a heavy volume of more than seven hundred pages. How I managed to write more than a thousand poems is still baffling, but there we have it, its done. I think I will probably carry on writing poetry as therapy. It helps me to get things out of my system, clears my head.


This 471 page collection in PDF or KINDLE format is now yours absolutely free.