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Robbie Moffat

Robbie Moffat was born and educated in Glasgow. He studied English Literature and Film at Newcastle University, and is a published poet and author, as well as a dramatist and screenwriter. In the 1980’ss he received several Arts Council of Great Britain awards for literature and drama.

In 1980 he founded the publishing company Palm Tree Books. In 1984 he founded and administered the Newcastle Festival Fringe, and in 1987 expanded the Swansea festival Fringe into the largest arts festival in Wales. Afterwards Robbie produced seven of his own theatre plays in Newcastle and Glasgow. In 1990, he moved into producing for the children’s market, and over the next five years he staged and wrote the material for more than five hundred children’s literature performances.

In 1995, Robbie extended Palm Tree into a film production company. As head of development and business affairs of Palm Tree, Robbie has written and directed many of the company’s films. He has also penned commissioned work for Hollywood companies. As a member of BAFTA, and The Director’s UK, he is a past member of the Society of Authors and British Equity. He is also well travelled, having visited more than ninety countries.

Email: robbie@palmtreefilm.com

Cell: +44 7736 904349  Website